“Golden State Tannery is the best in the country!
That’s where all of our friends and  family go to get their skins tanned!”

USDA approved to handle

all International shipments

No additional charges!

Here at Golden State Tannery, Inc., we use our own unique formula with lusters and oils that make your hides shine and minimize soiling. Most furs are hand groomed and even ironed, a service not found in many tanneries. Under the owner’s supervision, each fur is carefully prepared to assure long lasting luster and manageability. With a quick turnaround of 75 working days on Dry Tans or less and with very competitive prices, it’s no wonder that Golden State Tannery, Inc. continues to be recognized as a leader in the industry.

Located in Central California we have a 30,000 square foot facility to accommodate all your skins. Since 1995 we have been tanning all your prized and valuable skins. We are USDA approved to handle all your International shipments with no additional charges.


2 Week Turnaround on Wet Tan ( from time its marked in NOT from when you ship)

75-90 working days on Regular/Dry Tans

Free Return Delivery on Dry Tans with orders of $500.00 or more when paid within in 15 days

10% Discount for first-time customers.

No hunter fees or crate fees for your African shipments when you use our services