We highly recommend that you inspect your hides carefully prior to shipping them for any signs of spoilage, hair slippage, holes or bug damage.

There are many factors that play a role in quality tanning such as the general condition of the hide, climatic conditions (hot or cold), improper shaving or butchering and lack of salting or preparation. Due to these conditions outside of our control, we assume no responsibility or guarantee the results of any hide. To assure the highest quality tanning possible for you and your customer please make sure to scrape and flesh all skins carefully (do not roll) and salt dry or store hides in a cool place until shipment is ready to be sent to us.

We would appreciate you indicating any damage or problems with your hide(s) on your shipping invoice in order to save us both time. If the damage is not marked we will note it and try to contact you prior to starting your tanning order.

Make sure your box(es) are well secured and not leaking any substances or fluids as UPS or USPS will not accept them this way and will either hold them or send them back to you.

Please do not send in fresh or frozen hides as this may cause damage to your hides during shipping to us. We will assume no responsibility if you ship in this form. If you choose to send in your order frozen or fresh, please call our office prior to shipping them and make sure to mark your box FROZEN on the outside.



Most rejected hides will be shipped to you for your inspection. If you do not wish to receive them, please let us know in order to save you on extra charges. Once you have been notified by mail or telephone we will hold all rejected hides for a maximum of 30 days. After 30 days all rejected hides not claimed will be thrown away.


    We recommend you insure your boxes when shipping from our facility to yours. You can properly insure your boxes by filling out the appropriate box on your shipping 3 part invoice.

    Please make sure to indicate how much insurance you would like per box or per order. If you mark $1000 insurance and you have 2 boxes, we will insurance each box for $500 for a total of $1000.00 If you would like $1000 per box please make sure to check $1000 box and write PER BOX next to it so we can properly insure your order.


    Use our 3 part shipping invoice to ship your orders to us. If you run out, simply use your personal or business letterhead and make sure to include all vital information; taxidermy name, mailing address, shipping address, phone number, and what is in your box as well as what tanning service you want, Regular Tan or Wet Tan. Please call our office for RUSH tanning to see if available. Use our shipping tags, or your own, to place on the outside of the box so that we can identify you. Make sure to mark your tanning service on the outside as well.

    1) Do not attach staples, nails, wires or tags to hides. Keep all permits and tags for your own records. Certain animals require proof of permits and we would prefer you sent us copies of the permits and never the originals.

    2) Let us know how many boxes were shipped on your 3 part invoice and also, mark each box.

    Example, if you sent in 4 boxes mark each box as follows…

    1 of 4,  2 of 4,  3 of 4,   4 of 4, 

    This way we know how many boxes we should expect from you and if one is missing we can take the proper steps to locate it. When requesting a Rush order or a Wet Tan, please make a note on packing slip and mark the outside of the box in BIG BOLD letters.




    If boxes or paperwork are not marked properly they will automatically be processed as a Regular Tan. Also, failure to mark your boxes or paperwork with proper instructions or information will result in longer processing times. We cannot retrieve or change tanning process once we have started the tanning process. Orders not marked with proper or missing information will be processed as unknown and will be held until claimed.  Please call our office prior to sending in RUSH orders.


    When inquiring about your order please make sure to have your invoice on hand or the billing invoice number which is found on the right side of your date in your BILL. Also, when inquiring about your order please only use one name that is on the account or paper work in which the invoice is in to help us identify you.

    Upon receiving your order from us please make sure to check your order for any errors and call our office if you notice any errors not indicated to your otherwise.


    Any problems must be reported to us within 30 days. After 30 days any discrepancies or charges are the customer’s responsibility. Any claims will not exceed its actual reasonable Marked Cash Value. We do not refund third party shipper or receiver costs for shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS.